individual project

UI/UX Designer
Visual Designer

Spring 2017

Eventide is a cultural communication/education game which provides a fun, interactive and visually enjoyable way for people to experience Chinese culture. Chinese philosophy, Chinese character formation, cultural stories and visual patterns are blended into the game playing, from which users will be immersed into the cultural environment and gain different levels of learning experience.

"Beautiful, rich, historic, and fascinating, Chinese culture deserves to be known by the world"



design goals

Introduce the fascinating Chinese culture to western people, trigger their interests of learning more about the culture


target users


They are people who are ready to know or know a little about Chinese culture 

For people who already have interests or needs:
Chinese culture is complicated, unfamiliar (totally unrelated/different to any western cultures), difficult to find a start point

For people who potentially have interests:
they need a trigger to start
they need a motivation to pick up something they don’t know


A product that can

  • show the beauty of Chinese culture
  • simplify complex contents, make it more accessible
  • attract people to start to use, then start learning
  • make the learning experience enjoyable

"Play" is one of human natural instincts, which makes difficult things into fun, which is one basic motivation of learning new things.



cultural research

architecture, food and cooking, 24 solar terms, Chinese painting, calligraphy, kung fu, Chinese zodiac, festivals, medicine, color

history, customs, myths
Classic of Mountains and seas: contains many short myths, the descriptions are usually of medicines, animals, plants, magic, religion, custom and geological features

cultural icon  dragon

basic philosophy


Chinese character formation


traditional visual art



first layer of learning
Unconscious learning experience — by simply enjoying the game, users are immersed in the cultural stories and environment.


second layer of learning
On-purpose learning experience — users could choose to learn and create Chinese characters related to game elements, or view the stories behind the game. 


content brainstorming & sketches


final design


see prototype below
The game controlling involves gestures that can't be experienced through this prototype, the prototype here only communicates the concept and basic idea