individual project

UI/UX Designer
Visual Designer

Fall 2015

Hanzi is a platform where users can experience the formation and development of Chinese characters—the only highly-developed logogram language in the world. Through Hanzi, users can learn and interact with Chinese characters in a fun and easy way, more so, have a peek of the rich culture background behind the language.

It is also the start point of Eventide project, which is based on the concept and research of Hanzi, and developed into a deeper level of culture communication and education.


design goals

Make Chinese characters more understandable and accessible, and introduce Chinese culture to people through the learning of Chinese characters.


target users

Elementary level Chinese learners
Chinese educators who teach Chinese as a foreign language
People who have interests in Chinese culture

During interviews, some users show interests in Chinese culture when some don’t, it depends on the purpose of learning the language.



Many Chinese characters come from shapes of items which they are meaning for. It's not difficult to understand once you know the development of their shapes. Some other Chinese characters are composed by existing characters based on meanings, which are narrative stories extracted into characters. A visual system which can show the development and explain the relationship between characters and meanings can efficiently help users to understand Chinese characters. This method helps users to learn Chinese characters from the concept but not the surface.


  • Animation showing the development of characters
  • Compose: learn characters by building new ones and playing with meanings
  • Write/Trace: write or trace the character to help memorizing
  • Words: explore cultural contents with learnt characters




learn-2 copy.png