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Thousands of years later (Website)

Link: Thousands of Years Later

According to WWF's Living report 2014, "Population sizes of vertebrate species—mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians, and fish—have declined by 52 percent over the last 40 years".  Human activities have impacted the environment in several ways, which are directly affecting the living situation of wild animals.

The website Thousands of years later was a project I did on purpose to raise people’s awareness of protecting endangered animals.  By learning about current severe situation of endangered animals and speculating what might happen in the future, audiences will get an understanding about terrible effects we have made to the planet. Hopefully those decreasing numbers of endangered species could be an alarm for us to start taking efforts on protecting the environment.

Through this website you can:

  • get information about each species, which including their history, the current situation based on data, and what is going to happen if we did nothing to protect them.
  • be participant in projects, start to do something small to make changes. Current opening project is to collect used paper and trade in for customized notebooks which are made from recycled paper.
  • have a personal account to track your environment protecting activities.

All the contents on the website are designed, illustrated and developed by me. The features and data (not real-time) are for demo use only. To have full experience, please check the link to go to the site.